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Energy Wellness Classes & Courses

“It was actually inspirational.  I will do a lot of the activities and share with other staff.  Interested in the ideas about energy flow…” TM, Teacher Trainer, Brighton, UK



Energy Medicine Pilates Classes

Created by Craig & Paula Trafford, Energy Medicine Pilates combines Energy Techniques from Kinesiology, Meridian Energy work, Energy Psychology, Breath-work, Stress Management and Pilates/Bodywork. Release Stress, Boost Vitality & Resilience for energised daily living.

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Autogenic Training, Self Muscle Testing & EFT Tapping Courses

Self Muscle Testing – The body always knows. Feelings are honest. Learn to Listen, Feel into and follow your body with Kinesiology Muscle Testing self-applied to your own life issues.

Autogenic Training – Learn to self generate deep relaxation in an instant. From the deeper Alpha and Theta brainwave states, you can make decisions and take actions that support your highest good in all areas.

EFT – Tapping: Emotional Freedom Techniques. Releasing stored emotional wounds, trapped mental energy, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviours is something you’ll love about EFT (also known as ‘Tapping.’) Energy MUST flow. If you’re in pain or stuck in any area of life, your energy is either too slow, stagnant or trapped; thus causing stress, anxiety, depression and a host of commonly experienced ailments that block a fulfilling, meaningful life. Learn and apply the ‘simple & effective tool of a lifetime’ to release your past and transform your future.

1-1 Online Consultations

Prefer to work one to one? Gentle, Effective & Lasting Treatments for Anxieties, Fear, Phobia, Relationship Issues, Self-confidence, Self-Esteem, Peak Performance, Appearance & Weight, Goals, Mental & Emotional Wellbeing. Also specialising in Men’s Issues.

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