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Release Emotional Stress & Tension – Enjoy Resilience & Vitality

Immerse into the world of self Energy Healing to release tension and stress from your body, mind and spirit, inspiring & sustaining your personal growth.


Choose a Stress-Less Life

It’s impossible, even undesirable, to live a stress-free life. However, when over-stress kicks in, it can rapidly kick you down and literally burn you out. Over-Stress is the cause of 90+% of illness and death in the world today. But we have the inner capabilities to let go, stress less, and allow our innate vitality and resilience to take its place, making us happier, healthier, and more fulfilled. Learn how here…

Emotional & Mental Release

Why Choose Emotional Freedom?

Restore Your Inner Balance

You know that things just don’t ‘feel right’ when you are over-stressed. But knowing isn’t enough. If you feel the energy in it, then you truly know it and you can safely release whatever is holding you back, restoring yourself to true inner balance. I can help you to do just that with EFT – Kinesiology & Stress Reductions. Experience online classes or personal consultations.

An Holistic Approach You’ll Love

Suffering from aches, pains or persistent mental patterns focuses you on changing your symptoms. However, the cause may be elsewhere; such as a chronic emotional wound, limiting beliefs, negative thinking, or even an old toe injury. EFT, Kinesiology, Autogenic Training & Stress Reductions offer an holistic approach that takes ALL of You into account – not just current symptoms.

Manifestation & Reflection

Your Inner world comes first – every time. Case closed. The external world is a mirror of your inner world. You are always a magnificent manifestor of your life experiences – wanted or unwanted. Learn to relax and calm deeply enough to know what you are creating in your world, and how to better create that which serves you.

Classes, Courses & 1 – 1 Consultations

Sometimes you just need someone to really hear you and feed back on your self-sabotage patterns. From there you can adjust your thinking, feeling and behaviour for healthier, wanted results. Discover your inner freedom and apply it to your external world. I am qualified and extensively experienced to help you go from losing yourself to choosing yourself.

Put Health & Wellbeing Centre Stage

Without your health you literally have nothing. Even if you’re a multi-billionaire. Your body is not you, but when unwell it can certainly thwart all your plans until you pay attention and improve your wellness. Have you tried working whilst in chronic pain or other body-mind distractions? How has that worked out for you? I can help you and your body-mind to put your wellbeing centre stage.

Improve & Enjoy Relationships

Improve your Self confidence & self esteem which develop as a result of self-awareness. Understanding others is a crucial part of growing your own emotional intelligence. Clear communication helps relationships flourish and thrive. Business, Romantic, Child-Parent, Friendships and Community – in the end relationships are what really matter to us all.

Connect for a Free Consultation and/or introductory online class. It’s on us!


What my clients say

“…absolutely brilliant…Fabulously prepared. Everyone found it so mentally and physically stimulating and I was thoroughly impressed.”

CAMILLE C. Head of Lifelong Learning

“Without fail, every adult at the conference did well and truly go away buzzing following Craig’s interactive and engaging workshop.”

GILL D – Conference Organiser